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Wireless Networking for Industrial & Manufacturing


Wireless High Performance Networking For Industrial and Manufacturing

We have extensive experience with Fortune 50 automotive and manufacturing companies. Mist brings Data Science for Proactive Wireless Insight and Automation which has not been possible until now.

Technology Engineering Group delivers cutting-edge wireless network solutions for manufacturing plants and wifi systems for industrial facilities. As one of Mist’s leading partners in Ohio, TEG brings a wealth of experience to your environment.

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Does your Network give you:

Proactive IT Automation

  • Configure new sites in minutes with no human errors
  • Correlate user events and dynamically capture packets for fast troubleshooting
  • Create automated workflows for rapid troubleshooting and notifications
  • Automatically self-correct and/or optimize the WLAN in real-time


  • Unprecedented visibility into the user experience
  • Set, monitor and enforce wireless service levels
  • No more hunting and pecking through dashboards
  • Predict problems before they occur
  • Understand location patterns and user behavior for actionable business insight

Let us show you how to

  • Leverage the Mist wireless network for manufacturing and supplier facilities
  • Manage your entire wireless network from a secure, single pane of glass dashboard interface
  • Experience real-time user and system analytics for proactive management
  • Implement wireless re-invented from the client up
  • Utilize a summary overview of your network performance you can rely on
  • Deploy your wireless infrastructure quickly and efficiently
  • Leverage the power of API’s to configure new sites in minutes with no human errors.

Leading Mist Partner

As a full-service provider we offer: wireless network design for manufacturing plants, wireless network planning for manufacturing plants, wireless network implementation for manufacturing plants, wireless network management for manufacturing plants, IT wireless network services for manufacturing plants. We deliver wireless network installations that help manufacturing plants and industrial facilities do more with less.