A Modern Wireless Platform for the Modern Healthcare Facility



Delivering Amazing Wireless Experiences to Patients, Caregivers, Visitors, Administrators and the IT Personnel that support them all

  • A purpose-built cloud architecture. The Mist Intelligent Wireless Cloud (IWC) is designed to provide unprecedented visibility and control at web scale, with a micro services architecture for extreme agility when rolling out new features/services.
  • Data science meets wireless wizardry. Mist uses machine learning, event correlation, and automation to ensure the wireless network is always optimized for constantly changing user requirements and device capabilities (with minimal manual IT intervention.)
  • Integrated high accuracy location. The same platform used for business critical Wi-Fi delivers highly contextual location services using enterprise grade BLE. With Mist, you can see where the mobile are at all times, and deliver high value location services with the click of a mouse. No physical beacons or site surveys are required.

Amazing IT Experiences

  • No physical beacons; No BLE site surveys. IT administrators have a painless BLE experience with Mist, as there is no need to hang beacons, replace batteries, move beacons, or do site surveys. With Mist, virtual beacons and zones are setup in seconds with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Best accuracy and performance. People and items can be located to within 1 m (with sub second latency) using Mists’ sophisticated location algorithms that constantly adapt to changing RF and user/device conditions. With room level accuracy, health records can be easily updated to reflect which doctors/nurses spend time with which patients, and which devices were used in treatment.
  • Quick problem remediation. Proactive Analytics and Event Correlation (PACE) identify Wi-Fi problems as they happen and identify root causes easily for rapid troubleshooting (i.e. is it a connection, capacity, or time to connect issue? Is it a wired or wireless problem? Is it specific to individual users or groups of users?)
  • Predictive recommendations. The Mist platform provides recommendations to fix Wi-Fi problems before they arise, ensuring the best experience across mobile devices.
  • Easily assign resources. IT staff can provide access to the Internet, printers and other resources to wireless users with the click of a mouse.

Smart Wireless for Smart Healthcare

Modern healthcare needs modern wireless technology. If internet access and remote connectivity to records are all that are required, legacy WLAN solutions are a perfect pill. But if scalability, ease of use, automation, and high accuracy locations services are required to deliver amazing patient, caregiver, guest, administrator and IT experiences, then Mist is just what the doctor ordered.

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