Deliver Amazing Mobile Experiences with Enterprise-Grade BLE Location Services

Location Services


The New World Order

In the past few years, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has become a default standard on most Smart Devices (primarily thanks to iBeacon and Eddystone). This means that the vast majority of mobile computing platforms are location-ready. The challenge comes, however, on the infrastructure side – i.e. how can the wireless network leverage BLE in a scalable, reliable and cost effective way? It traditionally has been very time consuming and expensive to deploy and manage physical beacons for BLE. Installation often requires comprehensive site surveys, which have to be redone whenever beacon placement changes (or the RF environment is altered). In addition, batteries in the beacons are expensive to replace, and the beacons themselves can be lost or stolen which creates additional headaches. Furthermore, wireless networks lack the scale to handle a large amount of BLE devices, making performance and management of BLE networks difficult.

Mist solves the above problems with the new Intelligent Wireless Cloud (IWC) platform, which combines cloud intelligence with on-premise access points to simplify wireless operations and deliver high value location services. The same award-winning Mist platform used for business critical Wi-Fi can also be used to deliver enterprise grade BLE, with the following unique attributes

BLE Info Sheet

Virtual beacons

Mist’s patented virtual BLE (vBLE) technology that enables an unlimited amount of virtual beacons to be deployed in a physical environment with the simple click of a mouse to move and add virtual beacons. Mists’s vBLE solution offers numerous advantages over traditional physical beacons, which include

  • No batteries.
  • Beacons are easy setup and moved via software (no on-site visits required).
  • No risk of loss or theft or movement from a beacon’s original position
  • Building aesthetics are not affected by the deployment of physical devices.
  • Virtual beacons are stackable so different applications and tenants can get different messages.
  • No site surveys or ongoing calibration required.
  • vBLE beacons co-exist with existing BLE deployments, so you can leverage your existing investment.

Elevate the Value of your Wireless Network

Mist provides the first enterprise-grade BLE technology to make location- aware experiences deployable and manageable at scale. Enterprises can add or move beacons anywhere in their venues with a click of a button. Marketers can create new campaigns overnight that leverage the following functionality:

Identification and personalization – Identify your user, whether it’s
an employee, hotel guest, student, patient, or passenger, as he or she arrives on site. Provide a personalized experience and tailor services and information specific to their interests.

High accuracy location/navigation – Enable users to easily locate items, such as in-store merchandise, or resources, including conference rooms, patient rooms, and hospital wheelchairs, and then navigate to those items and resources via turn-by-turn directions. Allow users, such as sales associates, to quickly locate other users, such as customers asking for help, while both are on the premises.

Push notifications – Provide location-aware push notifications, such as special promotions, personalized to your users or customers.

Analytics – Gather zone-based user analytics, such as the average number of customers in store and number of passersbys, as well as the amount of time customers dwell in a certain retail aisle or department, to help improve marketing and sales efforts. Use analytics to give users helpful information, such as real-time security checkpoint line wait-times at airports.

Create Amazing Wireless Experiences

Mist provides the premier wireless platform for Enterprise-Grade BLE Location services. It is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and enables a wealth of new mobile experiences in a seamless and cost effective way.