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Technology Engineering Group works on your behalf to find the worlds-best wireless technologies. Check out Mist Systems, the next-gen of cloud-based wireless systems. Let us show you how Mist will take your wireless to the next level.

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Proactive insight through machine learning
Real-Time User State Information
Root Cause Identification in 1 Click

Data Science Meets Wireless Wizardy

Company Delivers More “Industry Firsts” to Lead the Convergence of Wi-Fi and BLE

Mist smart wireless networking systems deliver amazing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth experiences to the billions of people using smartphones, tablets and laptops. Mist is committed to simplifying wireless operations and lowering IT costs by being the first vendor to bring big data and machine learning at web scale to wireless networking. Mist Systems provide reliable Wi-Fi that is easy to operate at web scale, and accurate Bluetooth location services that are seamless to deploy in any environment. Mist cloud-based wireless network advanced machine learning to deliver unprecedented automation and insight helping users helping users interact with their mobile users in exciting new ways at hotels, retail stores, hospitals, colleges, universities, manufacturing facilities and corporate campuses.

The Benefits of Mist

The Mist platform lets you think centrally and act locally through a combination of cloud-based intelligence and on premises enterprise-grade Access Points. The Mist wireless platform uses machine learning to automate key tasks like event correlation, location, and clustering to dramatically simplify wireless operations and deliver personalized services to mobile users. The Mist wireless network is purpose-built on a modern microservices cloud architecture, ensuring the industry’s best scale with unprecedented agility for rolling out or changing services. The Mist Wireless Networking System, Mist Wireless Cloud for Smart Devices and Mist access points offer many new features:

Mist Wi-Fi Business Critical Assurance Service

  • Expanded Service Level Experience (SLE) metrics – Mist is the only wireless platform in the industry that collects ongoing real-time state information from every mobile device on the network. The Mist wireless network provides the ability to set SLE thresholds for critical attributes that impact wireless performance, which now include all of the following parameters: Connection, Coverage, Capacity, Roaming, Throughput (new), Latency (new) and Jitter (new).
  • One-Click Root Cause Analysis. Given the scale and complexity of wireless business networks, it is no longer feasible to look at a multitude of dashboards, event logs, and byte counts to determine the root cause of problems. Mist wireless networks are the first to use machine learning to convert all this big data into meaningful and actionable insight. For example, IT administrators can easily determine which wired, wireless, and device issues are affecting which users for quick problem identification and remediation.

Enterprise-Grade BLELocation Services

  • Real-time visibility into user Radio Frequency (RF) environment – Mist wireless networks are the only wireless networking system in the industry to offer “RF glasses”, which gives administrators a real-time view of the RF environment from the mobile device’s perspective. If a wireless user complains about a Wi-Fi or BLE problem, the Mist wireless network can be used to easily visualize in real-time exactly what their wireless environment looks like for accurate troubleshooting.
  • BLE Asset Tracking – Mist wireless networks deliver deep analytics on both Wi-Fi and BLE using a single converged platform (Mist Access Points and cloud). Administrators can easily track the average and maximum number of wireless users or BLE-enabled devices in a given location, the number of visits per zone, who is visiting each zone, and what the wireless experience was during each visit.BT11 Access Points – These Mist Access Points represent an industry-first, enterprise-grade Mist Access Points for Bluetooth Low Energy (version 4.2). These Mist Access Points have a 16 antenna element steerable directional antenna and one omni-directional element array for the highest location accuracy of any BLE AP.

About Mist Wireless Networks

Mist Systems built the first wireless platform for the Smart Device era. By taking a user-first approach to networking, the Mist Intelligent Wireless Cloud (IWC) eliminates the operational burdens of legacy wireless architectures by replacing human interaction with machine learning and proactive automation. In addition, Mist takes unique advantage of user location and behavior to deliver a superior experience for wireless users and administrators. The management team at Mist Systems consists of leading experts in wireless, machine learning, Mist wi-fi networks and cloud networking, who are responsible for building the largest and most advanced wireless networks in the world.

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