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Intelligent ID’s Identity Activity tool offers visibility as well as precision, monitoring endpoint activity for keyword usage, file usage, and browser usage that could indicate a potential threat, all while providing optional exclusions to safeguard user privacy at any level desired. Highly customizable, targeted rules allow for keyword identification in only the locations that concern you most­­ which can dramatically reduce excess noise as well as false positives.

Intelligent ID also monitors for a variety of activities that could indicate insider threat, such as logging into web­ based applications with another user’s credentials, accessing files or folders that are not job­ relevant, performing bulk file actions, even unusual printing activity.

Why Implement Identity Activity?

  • Monitor keyword usage that could pose a threat to the organization’s data or the well being of their employees
  • Visibility into which sensitive files and folders have been accessed, how they were handled on the endpoint, and whether or not they were altered in any way before their replacement
  • Monitor print activity for any abnormalities­­ even if the printer is local, or does not belong to the organization
  • Ascertain whether sensitive or inappropriate information is being shared, whether on chat software, instant messages, social media sites, or within any application
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